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Welcome to the Preschool Music Guide, another completely FREE website from the Fun Music Company.

If you are looking for something fun to do with your child related to music, you've come to the right place!

All the Lyrics you need are here

At this website we have a comprehensive collection of Song Lyrics for common Children's songs for you to sing with your child.

Find all the best childrens music available in one place!

We have scoured the web and done all the hard work for you in finding great childrens music. You can purchase CD's and download music directly with the links on this site, through the most trusted and largest merchants on the internet.

Things for you to do with music at home

At this website we have some simple ideas you can use at home to do some basic preschool music with your child. This can't replace a real group music lesson, but it is somewhere to start!

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Looking for Music Games ?
Visit this site for Comprehensive information about music games that you can print out and use to get children inspired about learning music.

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Music Educators! - Make sure you check out the Music Educators Resource for lots of free music resources and lesson plan ideas. Also try the Percussion Education Blog for the latest in percussion ideas for the school classroom.

Want to save money on instruments?. Why not try Making a Xylophone for your children - Its not that difficult with these step by step plans!


The Benefits of Singing to your baby

photo of a mum singing to their baby

Increasingly it is thought that singing to a child, right from birth and even during pregnancy has significant benefits, both for you and your baby.

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There is heaps more information for parents at the Parents Music Guide, where you can ask whatever you want to know about music for your children

here is the latest content:


How old should my child be before I take them to music lessons?

What Age should my child go to music lessons This is the question that every parent wants to know. This article sheds some light on the pros and cons of taking young children to music classes. If you are about to go off to music lessons, then check out this article first, and hopefully you will be better prepared!

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Which Musical Instruments should I buy for my preschool child?

buy only the best musical instruments for your child, for safetys sake! It might seem like there is so many choices of musical instruments available...... but what instruments will be both musically "good" for their ears and hands and most importantly safe for them?

Hopefully we can shed some light on the subject with our catalog of recommendations!

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